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​Course Map

-School for high school students-

  In view of the rapid changes in society and the market, designers are required to provide more and more services. Therefore, the curriculum of the department is oriented towards the development of professional skills, laying the foundation of theoretical, technical, and practical knowledge, and then integrating the performance through eight semester design courses. In order to enhance graduates' adaptability and competitiveness in the workplace, we have integrated the development of "integration, response, communication, cooperation, enthusiasm, and stress resistance" in each course, with the aim of cultivating quality designers who are "idealistic", "creative", "willing to challenge", and "able to practice".

      The Department of Interior Design cherishes each and every student who comes into the program, and therefore places special emphasis on the development of "the right talent and the right personality". In addition to the existing English language courses and the "Exchange Student" program for short-term study in overseas institutions, the "World Cultural Space Experience" short-term trip and "Overseas Internship" are also actively planned to provide students with opportunities to visit and intern overseas in order to expand their horizons to the international arena.

      The University Division adopts the principle of "theory" and "practice" at the same time, and designs courses that are ahead of the teaching design of universities and colleges nationwide. The goal is to be employable upon graduation.
      The Institute adopts the strategy of cultivating advanced design research talents by offering courses in cultural studies, research methods, design methods, spatial theories, essay writing, work evaluation, friendly aging, universal design, living environment, and leisure travel industry to explore space from different perspectives, in order to enrich the content of thinking and enhance the depth of research.


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