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​Department Introduction

-About CYID

Innovation, Taiwan's pursuit of excellence, the cradle of design talent cultivation

The Department of Interior Design at Chung Yuan Christian University was established in 1985 as the first university interior design department in Taiwan, and has a history of 38 years (2023), and has cultivated countless talents for the interior design industry in Taiwan. The founding director of the department is the architect of Zhong Zehuan, laying the foundation for the development of the plan. After the hard work of directors such as Zhang Qianyun, Chen Qipeng, Hu Baolin, Zhuang Xiutian, Wei Zhurong, Ni Jingwei and other directors, they have demonstrated fruitful teaching and research results. In August 2019, Professor Chen Liyu took over the department Director, constantly promoting departmental affairs and drawing a blueprint for future development.

      In 1993, the first on-the-job interior design institute in China was established to train advanced talents for 99 years; Special class, recruiting industry elites to return to study and cultivate high-level design talents with both professional ability and humanistic quality; in 2004, the School of Design established a doctoral class in design to train design research talents from the perspective of cross-disciplinary design. So far, it has been fully established From bachelor's, master's to doctoral programs.
In order to promote the concepts of "health", "sustainability", "elderly" and "live life", the department aims to cultivate six core competencies, including: (1) sustainable care innovation ability; (2) design theory development ability; (3) design practice execution ability; (4) indoor construction and standard application ability; (5) indoor material and product application ability; (6) communication and expression ability, and promote the development planning of teaching research.

      In terms of teaching, the department is committed to cultivating "caring, thinking, thinking, hands-on" "Designer, in addition to actively using alumni resources, introducing professional teachers from the practical field, to develop the depth and breadth of vision for students; regularly hold international academic seminars, invite foreign experts to give lectures at the school; organize world cultural tour experience visits, host international Design workshop. Actively promote international exchanges, introduce foreign students, and cooperate with Fujian Jiangxia College in the Strait Special Class. Every year, junior students are arranged to study in the Central Plains. So far, more than 100 mainland students have been trained, and they have been affirmed by mainland universities to establish a good reputation; There are more than 40 students every year, from South Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Macau and other places.  

      In terms of research, the full-time teachers have diverse research fields, including: urban and rural environment design, creative life industry , display and light environment, health and environmental well-being, 3D virtual reality, space design aesthetics, creativity and design methods, easy design, environmental simulation, etc., and has "Lighting and Color Research Center", "Innovative Integrated Design Research Center" , "Creative Design Research Center", "Cultural Creativity and Leisure Tourism Design Center" provide services for the industry.

      The department has been promoting "service learning" courses for a long time, participating in the Ministry of Education's "University Professional Social Responsibility Program" to Serving the society, students gain professional growth through service. Build a community workstation in Zhuxiao Community, assist in the establishment of Yuanxiang Elementary School Story Fort and Tribal Hope Classroom in Fuxing Mountain Tribe, assist in the establishment of community charity cafes in the Dataoyuan area, and recycle and reuse display windows. Assisting underprivileged families with repair services, the deeds of teachers and students have been reported by major media, and each team has repeatedly won the Youth Steering Award of the Executive Yuan, the Excellent Youth Volunteer Service Team of the Ministry of Education, and the Outstanding Youth Volunteer Award of Taoyuan City.
      In the future, we will aim at cultivating professional ethics and multi-knowledge talents, and develop forward-looking design for society Empathy and professional service to society.

Head of Department  Chen Liyu 2020/12

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