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Chair Li-yu Chen

 ​ A rational researcher who loves to explore spatial culture and a perceptive designer who tests creativity through practice, Prof. Chen focuses on cultural creativity, spatial interpretation, design thinking, and friendly environmental design, and has published nearly 100 papers on spatial interpretation, design thinking, green design, renovation practice, design iconography, etc. (including 1 SSCI / 8 EI), more than 20 books and research reports. He has written more than 20 books and research reports, and completed more than 200 pieces of architectural, interior, and furniture design and art creations.

  He is good at interpreting space from multiple perspectives and exploring the cultural meanings behind the places from different aspects. In 2017, he published a book on "Taiwan" and "Taoyuan" cultural and creative products.

      He has won numerous awards in various international and domestic competitions, including the IF Design Award in Germany, Red Dot Design Award in Germany, A Design Award in Italy, Muse Design Award in the US, K Design Award in Korea, SID Award in Singapore, Berlin Design Award in Germany, and IDEA-TOP Award in China. Award, China IDEA-TOP Aite Award, China International Space Design Award, and the Gold Award of the General Design Innovation Competition of the Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Transportation and Communications and Lerong Rong Scenic Area.       

      He has been involved in teaching innovation and service learning for a long time, encouraging students to "get out of the classroom and practice their creativity", and has led the Ministry of Education's Teaching Practice Research Project, the Digital Learning Companion Distance Learning Project, the Smart Living Innovative Service Learning Classroom Project, the University Social Responsibility Practice Project (USR), and the Ministry of Science and Technology's Research Project on Teaching Strategies and Curriculum Design for Engineering Courses Incorporating the Spirit of Life Education. In addition, he has received three awards, including the Outstanding Service Learning Teacher Award from Centaline University (99, 102, 106 academic years), the Excellent Service Learning Course Group from the Ministry of Education (102), the Youth Volunteer Youth Helm Award from the Youth Auxiliary Council of the Executive Yuan (the highest honor in the country for youth volunteer service), the Regional Peace Volunteer Team from the Youth Development Department of the Ministry of Education, the Outstanding Volunteer Award from Taoyuan City, the Seeds of Dreams Award from the Hong Chi Electronics Public Welfare Practice Project, and the Centaline University.

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